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Vineyard Canada Team in João Pessoa

Last month, Hope Ministries had the privilege of hosting an incredible team from Canada's Vineyard, bringing with them a message of hope and renewal. During the visit, we were deeply encouraged by the powerful testimony of one of the women on the Canadian team, who found redemption and liberation in Jesus, leaving sex trafficking for a transformed life. This personal testimony clearly illustrates the difference that our mission can make in the lives of the women we rescue.

In addition to sharing inspiring stories, we take this opportunity to empower our team. Our volunteers have participated in training in prayer for physical healing and inner healing, further strengthening our ability to offer holistic support to the women we rescue. We believe that healing goes beyond the physical and emotional, reaching the spiritual, and we are committed to providing this integral healing.

During the Canadian team's stay, we also had the joy of introducing them to the rich Brazilian culture, delicious local cuisine, and warm population. This cultural exchange strengthened our bonds and created a deeper connection between the teams. With happy and hopeful hearts, we look forward to what God is about to do. If you want to know more about our work, want to get involved in some way, or share your own stories of overcoming, please contact us by message. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of women who need a second chance.

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