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Sickness hits the Snells!

Our family is usually pretty healthy.  In fact, I can’t remember a time before this month that our kids had a fever or flu, it’s literally been years and I don’t remember at all the last time I did.

Well this month we made up for lost time.  It started with Luke, then it hit Phil and he was down for almost two weeks with what we suspected was dengue, just as he was getting better I started with a fever, a week or so later I was starting to come around, after having fainted once and losing about 8 pounds, Faith came home from school with a fever.

We are pretty exhausted and now much more grateful for our usually healthy bodies.  

Once we were strong enough to get to the doctor we went to have tests done and sure enough, all three of us had dengue, a virus carried by a certain species of mosquito. Praying this is the end of it for a long time!

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