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Street Ministry


From the outset of this ministry, we wanted to meet these women and men where they are at, bringing unconditional love, prayer and hope without judgement or condemnation.  In short, becoming their friends.

Twice a week we head to the streets to offer prayer and conversation, laughter and friendship.  We have seen a culture develop, created by our ‘church’ that happens in the street.  They often let clients pass by or wait in order to continue with prayer.  They prefer to stand, join hands and often want to ‘clap for Jesus’ when we finish prayer.

We always encourage them to pray, that as they share their prayer requests they are being heard, there isn’t a special formula or training you need to talk to your father in heaven.

During our two years visiting the streets we have seen physical and emotional healing, and our relationship with them has blossomed as they have begun to opened their hearts to us.

This is the place of the first contact, where we meet women and men who have been on the streets for years and others who have just started.

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